THe. LOSERs. im ya mother Fuckin general
Kablam x Kush
this is my blog it has all my emotions that im feeling throught the day skateboarding is my life being a director is my passion music is a hobby. My Team THe.LOSerS. is me and my brothers doing what we love to do. Im probably the most not giving a fuck outta of of us. With that being said i dont Give a Fuck about nothing Loser gangKTA x OFWGKTA dont give AF! FUCK the SYSTEM DO what MAKES U HAPPY OR DIE TRYING ... also #LG bitxh #teamJesus #666 Loser gang PKV i love you Melanie <3 <3




The black house hold’s refrigerator is full of lies and deception. You look I’m the fridge and see a country crock container thinking it got butter but it’s really left overs from the other day.


Больше, чем пpосто фото — Интересное — Релакс!

XX/XX/XX Dropping Soon

Father - Look At Wrist (feat. iLoveMakonnen & Key!)



All I’ve done today is go to the library, take my laptop to get fixed, read a lot of Autostraddle and LOOK FUCKING RIDICULOUSLY HOT.

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