THe. LOSERs. im ya mother Fuckin general
Kablam x Kush
this is my blog it has all my emotions that im feeling throught the day skateboarding is my life being a director is my passion music is a hobby. My Team THe.LOSerS. is me and my brothers doing what we love to do. Im probably the most not giving a fuck outta of of us. With that being said i dont Give a Fuck about nothing Loser gangKTA x OFWGKTA dont give AF! FUCK the SYSTEM DO what MAKES U HAPPY OR DIE TRYING ... also #LG bitxh #teamJesus #666 Loser gang PKV i love you Melanie <3 <3


Car rides

I wanna make music with Rizzle kicks


Nikolay Tolmachev (Kiev, Ukraine) - A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu, 2014     Paintings: Watercolors


Hot summer nights, mid July,
when you and I were forever wild
The crazy days, city lights
The way you’d play with me like a child